I have denied the need for hearing aids for years !!! When I finally admitted I had hearing loss and went for an exam i was not convinced that I truly needed them until I saw the results of the test. So, I had made the decision before I went that if they told me I needed them I would get them. Well,long story short I now have a hearing aid in each ear. I'm totally amazed that I could put them in and basically have no problems with fit and to realize what I had been missing 😅 Mike is amazing to work with makes sure I'm satisfied and personally answers all questions to my understanding. I'm extremely Thankful for Hearing Unlimited making my transaction bearable
Kim Steil, on Google
Great staff! Mike is always very helpful!
Debra Paul, on Google
I ordered 2 CLEARION amplifiers I enjoy listening to the music and watching tv turned down low so my wife Maggie can sleep I accidentally took a shower with 1 and I believe it's ruined but got almost 2 years out of them and the 1 is still working good
Pete Clark, on Google
Jay & Mary Huntley, on Google
Dennis Trausch, on Google

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